Kool Kornerz Lokoz – The Low End

In memory of the now-gone Kool Korners grocery, I’ve decided to release a track that has been collecting dust for several years now.  Ray Barreto and a sick been-around-the-block Honeydrippers beat combine fabulously on an infectious dLab mashup track.  Produced, written, recorded, and mixed during a boozy Thursday night, the song features a suprise freestyle appearance by INI, an artist that the Lokoz met at (where else?) Kool Korners while he was waiting for a Cuban sandwich.  All his stuff was done off-the-cuff.

So, without any further ado…

The Kool Kornerz Lokoz are pleased to bring you their smash rap/comedy hit, The Low End, a song whose only aspiration is to be as stereotypically and negatively thuggish as possible – hopefully to the point of satire.

Thanks to INI, Seyed, and Andrew L.

Kool Kornerz Lokoz – The Low End (128 kpbs mp3)


One Response to “Kool Kornerz Lokoz – The Low End”

  1. […] the former five-star eatery, I’ve posted the smash rap-comedy hit by the Kool Kornerz Lokoz, The Low End.  Click here to download.  Long live the Cuban […]

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