dublabSo as you may or may not know, I like to record things at my house. They are usually not what one would call complete songs (although some definitely are), instead, I like to think of them as notepad pages. That’s what I use them as most of the time, since I despise the idea of actually writing down any music.

lespaulCurrently, my music is made on a homebuilt Athlon 64 PC running Acid Pro 6.0 and various other pieces of software. Everything goes into it through an M-Audio ProjectMix unit. A lot of my go-to synth sounds are actually made by a microKorg with miniature-sized keys (size doesn’t always matter….) and most of my guitar playing is done on my LP.

As far as genres go, I try not to limit myself.   I like reggae, ska, and other “island-y” flavors, and I’m also into salsa, mambo, and most other Latin genres (I guess that’s what I get for being from a Caribbean island). I also venture into the electronic arena and of course, I always come back to good ol’ rock in all of its distorted glory.


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