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Ironic Irony on CNN

Posted in Funny, Random on August 3, 2010 by dublab

I recently watched this news clip on the CNN website featuring dueling commentary from these two ladies (who i will refrain from describing) on Hugh Hefner’s statement that women are sex objects.

I don’t think either of them realizes they are proving his point much more thoroughly than any two-minute debate they could have…


My Pedalboard

Posted in Music, Random, Technology on February 13, 2010 by dublab

This is my pedalboard right now, in case anyone is interested.

Boss TU-2 –> ProCo Rat –> Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Crybaby (borrowed, keeping the seat warm for my new Area 51 pedal) –> Electro Harmonix Stereo Pulsar –> Boss DD-6. It’s also got a light and the round thing at bottom right is the amp channel footswitch.

Oh and if anyone wants to send me any other toys to fill it up a bit more definitely shoot me an email. I’ll endorse your product!

Newpile: I Couldn’t Make This Shit Up If I Tried

Posted in Politics, Puerto Rico, Random, Technology on April 9, 2009 by dublab

So a few days ago, I saw Kevin Rathbun turning left on to North Druid from Briarcliff in his Range Rover with his whites hanging in the backseat.  He’s a pretty unique-looking dude and I remember him from the time he beat Bobby Flay in Battle Elk.  Hopefully this is a culinary good omen for the week.  But that’s beside the point.

On to the newspile:

  • The state of Oregon is outlawing bukkake.  WTF?  And here I thought Oregon was pretty liberal.  Our current assault laws cover spitting on somoene else, so why is there a need for a special law for this? (via BoingBoing)
  • I’ve been somewhat upset lately because my 3-yr old incandescent lightbulbs are all outlasting the CFL’s I spent so much money on last year.  The CFLs were more expensive, noisier, and worst of all, the ones I have seem to have a shorter life than incandescents.  At least this Slashdot post makes me feel like I’m not alone.
  • A container loaded with 58,000 pounds of ham was stolen from a shipping yard in Puerto Rico.

Yeah I couldn’t make that stuff up.

iPod Stealth, Moonwalker Faces, Dumb CEOs: Tuesday Newspile

Posted in Industry, On My Radar, Random, Technology on February 17, 2009 by dublab

Today’s pile of links:

Sexting and America’s Moral Bankruptcy

Posted in Anger, Politics, Random, Sad on February 17, 2009 by dublab

Here’s some bullshit:  these 13-yr-old kids got caught sending pictures of their nude classmates amongst themselves from cell phone to cell phone – so the Falmouth Police Department (508 457-2527) is planning to charge them with felony child porn charges.  I’ve included the phone number so that you can call and complain – their website is dead.

CNN Video

Now when I first heard about this story, it was on a CNN video that featured some woman saying that they were planning to ruin these kids’ lives by charging them with possession and distribution of child pornography – because although the charges are probably not applicable, they wanted to “send the message that this is not acceptable behavior.”

That’s fucked up. That’s like if we decided to go ahead and take all underage kids that have sex with their peers and charge them with statuatory rape to send the message that “that is not acceptable behavior.”  Why don’t we make them all pin special patches on their shirts too?

Here’s another question – why isn’t the girl getting charged with producing child porn?  That just sends the message that girls should be loose and irresponsible and there will be no repercussions, and that the boys better stay away from nude pictures or they will be branded as child pornographers.  Clearly this isn’t about sending a message about what is or isn’t acceptable behavior – it is about perpetuating America’s puritanical right-wing positions around the ever-touchy subject of teenagers exploring human sexuality.  What these kids need is a responsible dialogue on human sexuality and the consequences of their actions, not to have their lives ruined by being convicted of producing and distributing child pornography.

America:  kids sending text messages with naked pictures of themselves is regrettable – but convicting teenagers on child porn charges just for acting like teenagers shows just how morally bankrupt this country is.   Ruining a child’s life just to send a puritanical message of repression is just PLAIN WRONG.

He dicho.

Benicio “Che” Del Toro Hates Being Railroaded By The Washington Times – Is That Surprising?

Posted in On My Radar, Random on January 27, 2009 by dublab

The headline for this Washington Times article (“Del Toro Walks out On ‘Che’ Interview”) is misleading at best.  Personally, I don’t really care for Benicio del Toro – I don’t hate him either – but after reading the article, I felt like I should write about this to point out that Sonny Bunch of the Washington Times is a sneaky bastard.

As a technical writer and instructional designer, I spend my working days creating resources that help people accomplish certain tasks, usually as part of their job.  Just because I am very go0d at writing documentation on accomplishing a particular task – say, making homemade explosives – doesn’t mean that I agree with it.  By that same token, Mr. Del Toro’s portrayal of Ernesto Guevara (which was right on, I hear) doesn’t make him a spokesperson for Che’s ideals.  Why weren’t those same questions asked to someone who had some editorial input on the film – Mr. Soderbergh perhaps?  The point is, these guys were just trying to make a movie.  The goal of a movie is to make lots of money, get its crew paid, and win lots of awards, so it appears that Mr. Soderbergh and Mr. Del Toro have been doing their jobs exceptionally well.

I’m sure when the interview was set up, the expectation was that it would be about the movie, rather than Ernesto Guevara’s historical legacy.  Railroading someone who just came in to talk about their work by making them respond in detail to comments on a historical figure’s unsavory-ness is just bad journalism for the sake of a juicy headline.

According to Sonny,

Mr. Valladares is afraid that Mr. del Toro and Mr. Soderbergh’s film will make people forget the reality that was Che Guevara’s life.

Mr. Bunch y Sr. Valladares, in case you missed the memo, Ernesto Guevara has already been turned into a countercultural hero of sorts.  Just spend a day walking around any major U.S. city while counting the number of hipster kids running around wearing red Che shirts.  There are people in this world that just do things without understanding the reasons why.  Both of you will need to accept that and stop trying to blame the American public’s general historical ignorance on a Puerto Rican actor who just played the guy in a movie.

Y me imagino que esa es la ultima entrevista de Benicio con el Washington Times, porque supuestamente a el no le importa un bledo.  He dicho.

Boricua Music News: New Calle 13 Video and Daddy Yankee CD Burning

Posted in Artists I Like, Music, Politics, Puerto Rico, Random, Videos on October 9, 2008 by dublab

Two big items today.  First, according to El Nuevo Dia, a giant bonfire fueled by Daddy Yankee CDs is supposed to be going on right now at the entrance of the San Juan Convention Center in Puerto Rico.  This is in protest of Daddy Yankee’s role as MODERATOR at tonight’s debate between candidates for the office of Governor of Puerto Rico.

Second, Calle 13 has just released their music video for “No Hay Nadie Como Tu” featuring Cafe Tacuba.  The song is off Calle 13’s upcoming album, Los De Atras Vienen Conmigo, which drops on Oct 21st.  Check it: