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State of Georgia’s Voicemail Box Is Full When It Comes To An Innocent Man’s Execution

Posted in Anger, Atlanta, Karma, Police State, Sad on September 22, 2008 by dublab

Troy Davis is scheduled to die tomorrow – he will be executed by the State of Georgia for a murder that he claims he did not commit – no murder weapon was ever found.  Proving that the State of Georgia doesn’t care about reasonable doubt, they scheduled his execution 6 days before Troy’s Supreme Court appeal date.  I wrote the Georgia Parole Board about this recently, however this afternoon I received an e-mail with a direct phone number and thought I would call instead:

Subject: Innocent man to die tomorrow – please help and forward to all who can!

Guys I’m sorry to send out a mass message but this is really important to me. All it takes is a minute to tell the state of Georgia you oppose the execution of an INNOCENT man. For a quick summary of the case, see I just called today and it was easy and painless. Here is the message from one of my fellow Amnesty International activists:

Troy’s execution date has been set for Tuesday, but there is still something you can do!

Please call 404-651-6671…
It is the direct line to the Georgia Parole Board.
You will get a live person. They will ask your name and the state you are from.
Please tell them you OPPOSE the scheduled execution of Troy–on Tuesday.

The line does not go to a live person.  It goes to voicemail.  And the mailbox is full – can’t leave any more messages.  So I say it again, the state of Georgia doesn’t give a crap about reasonable doubt.

Regardless, I will continue to call – please call too.  It could happen to you.

Update: The Supreme Court granted Troy a stay of execution 2 hours before he was scheduled to die.  Way to go, State of Georgia – epic fail.


Peg Leg Short Shorts

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Because I don’t have much time to waste on Talk Like a Pirate Day:

The War At Home

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If you live in Florida, or if you needed any more proof that the police should not be trusted, I have something you need to see.

Watch this video.

Friday Potpourri And Other Things On My Mind

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First of all, this is complete bullshit.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has put together some sort of proposal that allows federal grant recipients (i.e., many many healthcare providers) to deny women access to birth control by re-defining most forms of contraception as abortion.  If you ask me this is bullshit, if you ask Hillary Clinton, it is “an outrageous attempt by the Bush administration to undermine women’s rights.”  Why did I have to read about this on Jezebel first and not through an actual U.S. news outlet? (no disrespect intended to Jezebel…)

If you live in California and you hate your Sprint service, get away now before they change their mind!

The oil companies are having a tough time, just like the rest of America… never mind that Exxon just posted the highest quarterly profits of any U.S. company in any industry… ever.

Following the trend set by my post on how U.S. cops get to do anything they want, the Department of Homeland Security can take any of your stuff if they want to, no questions asked.  And they don’t have to give it back, ever.

NASA found water on Mars — maybe this will convince people that NASA does need to exist after all.

This is why TASERs need to be outlawed immediately.  End police brutality.

U.S. Cops Are Allowed To Do Whatever They Want

Posted in Anger, Police State, Sad on July 29, 2008 by dublab

The cyclist below was participating in a Critical Mass rally in New York (so yes, he probably did break a law).

The cyclist was arrested, held for 26 hours, and charged with attempted assault and resisting arrest.  The jackass cop probably went home after that.

I’m so glad to be an American citizen!

The DC Securitron

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DJ Eurok over at Upset the Setup is suitably upset at the fact that the DC police is taking a very… er… radical approach to “rescue the city from it’s out-of-control violence.” It basically involves roping off neighborhoods and having cops screen anyone who comes in or goes out of the areas – making sure they “have business being there.”

Huh? Am I reading correctly? No visitors allowed either? What if you forgot your ID, do you go to jail? Are these going to be like admissions lines to a ballpark, or more like the TSA checkpoints at the airports? Or are these cops going to be doing the full-on riot gear thing?

For some reason I think this may cause a hell of a lot more problems than it could potentially alleviate…