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Native Instruments Maschine Pad Madness

Posted in Artists I Like, Hardware, Music, On My Radar, Software, Technology on February 21, 2012 by dublab

Recently I’ve been pretty interested in NI’s Maschine products… these Youtube videos aren’t helping. Not like I could ever do some of the things these guys are doing…

Here’s Justin Aswell from Mr Invisible:

And here’s David “Fingers” Haynes – a local from Stone Mountain, GA:


Prostitution Advocated by UGA Campus Newspaper as Way To Pay Tuition

Posted in On My Radar, Sad, Stupid on September 27, 2011 by dublab

Picture of Original ArticleUGA’s campus newspaper Red & Black recently ran a feature in its print edition titled “Student skips loans, finds a sugar daddy.”  What I assume was originally the author’s attempt at hard-hitting investigative reporting somehow ends up suggesting that young, cash-strapped female UGA students consider getting themselves a sugar daddy in order to pay for tuition.  It reads like a paid advertisement for the sugar-daddy web service – an old Billy Mays infomercial has more journalistic integrity.

If this sounds fucked up to you in any way, I encourage you to contact the good folks at the Red & Black with a letter to the editor. Or if not, you could drop the author a message (one Adina Solomon, LinkedIn profile here) letting her know what you think of her groundbreaking reporting.


Erik Aadahl on Doing Sound Design for “Transformers”

Posted in Artists I Like, Music, On My Radar, Technology on March 25, 2010 by dublab

Here’s a great interview with sound designer Erik Aadahl on his sound design work for the Transformers movies.  I would kill for this job…

It’s here.

Ohmpark Rips Creative Loafing a New One For Being Hopelessly Confused

Posted in Atlanta, Music, On My Radar on March 5, 2009 by dublab

Dublab-approved daily read Ohmpark (a must-read for anyone interested in the Atlanta independent music scene) recently gave Creative Loafing a scathing verbal beatdown over their schizophrenic and thoroughly self-contradictory coverage of the local scene.

I’m sure I would’ve vomited had I read the original article but in my apartment the only thing we use CL for is kindling.

Check it out:

Diatribe Of The Day: Don’t Blame The Hipsters, or Why Atlanta Pwns Omaha

As the first commenter pointed out… “flawless victory.”

iPod Stealth, Moonwalker Faces, Dumb CEOs: Tuesday Newspile

Posted in Industry, On My Radar, Random, Technology on February 17, 2009 by dublab

Today’s pile of links:

Benicio “Che” Del Toro Hates Being Railroaded By The Washington Times – Is That Surprising?

Posted in On My Radar, Random on January 27, 2009 by dublab

The headline for this Washington Times article (“Del Toro Walks out On ‘Che’ Interview”) is misleading at best.  Personally, I don’t really care for Benicio del Toro – I don’t hate him either – but after reading the article, I felt like I should write about this to point out that Sonny Bunch of the Washington Times is a sneaky bastard.

As a technical writer and instructional designer, I spend my working days creating resources that help people accomplish certain tasks, usually as part of their job.  Just because I am very go0d at writing documentation on accomplishing a particular task – say, making homemade explosives – doesn’t mean that I agree with it.  By that same token, Mr. Del Toro’s portrayal of Ernesto Guevara (which was right on, I hear) doesn’t make him a spokesperson for Che’s ideals.  Why weren’t those same questions asked to someone who had some editorial input on the film – Mr. Soderbergh perhaps?  The point is, these guys were just trying to make a movie.  The goal of a movie is to make lots of money, get its crew paid, and win lots of awards, so it appears that Mr. Soderbergh and Mr. Del Toro have been doing their jobs exceptionally well.

I’m sure when the interview was set up, the expectation was that it would be about the movie, rather than Ernesto Guevara’s historical legacy.  Railroading someone who just came in to talk about their work by making them respond in detail to comments on a historical figure’s unsavory-ness is just bad journalism for the sake of a juicy headline.

According to Sonny,

Mr. Valladares is afraid that Mr. del Toro and Mr. Soderbergh’s film will make people forget the reality that was Che Guevara’s life.

Mr. Bunch y Sr. Valladares, in case you missed the memo, Ernesto Guevara has already been turned into a countercultural hero of sorts.  Just spend a day walking around any major U.S. city while counting the number of hipster kids running around wearing red Che shirts.  There are people in this world that just do things without understanding the reasons why.  Both of you will need to accept that and stop trying to blame the American public’s general historical ignorance on a Puerto Rican actor who just played the guy in a movie.

Y me imagino que esa es la ultima entrevista de Benicio con el Washington Times, porque supuestamente a el no le importa un bledo.  He dicho.

Linkdump: Beating Up Sarah Palin

Posted in On My Radar, Politics, Stupid on October 7, 2008 by dublab

The dogs have been unleashed, and they’re all going after Sarah Palin: