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State of Georgia’s Voicemail Box Is Full When It Comes To An Innocent Man’s Execution

Posted in Anger, Atlanta, Karma, Police State, Sad on September 22, 2008 by dublab

Troy Davis is scheduled to die tomorrow – he will be executed by the State of Georgia for a murder that he claims he did not commit – no murder weapon was ever found.  Proving that the State of Georgia doesn’t care about reasonable doubt, they scheduled his execution 6 days before Troy’s Supreme Court appeal date.  I wrote the Georgia Parole Board about this recently, however this afternoon I received an e-mail with a direct phone number and thought I would call instead:

Subject: Innocent man to die tomorrow – please help and forward to all who can!

Guys I’m sorry to send out a mass message but this is really important to me. All it takes is a minute to tell the state of Georgia you oppose the execution of an INNOCENT man. For a quick summary of the case, see I just called today and it was easy and painless. Here is the message from one of my fellow Amnesty International activists:

Troy’s execution date has been set for Tuesday, but there is still something you can do!

Please call 404-651-6671…
It is the direct line to the Georgia Parole Board.
You will get a live person. They will ask your name and the state you are from.
Please tell them you OPPOSE the scheduled execution of Troy–on Tuesday.

The line does not go to a live person.  It goes to voicemail.  And the mailbox is full – can’t leave any more messages.  So I say it again, the state of Georgia doesn’t give a crap about reasonable doubt.

Regardless, I will continue to call – please call too.  It could happen to you.

Update: The Supreme Court granted Troy a stay of execution 2 hours before he was scheduled to die.  Way to go, State of Georgia – epic fail.


You Too Can Help Save Baby Lions!

Posted in Karma, On My Radar, Random on June 29, 2008 by dublab

Watching the news these days is quite unpleasant… there are so many terrible things going on that are outside of my control that I am usually overcome by terrible feelings of dread and helplessness shortly after turning off CNN.

And it’s not just the news… recently, I read The World Without Us by Alan Weisman – an excellent and informative read packed with things that YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. (That was my book-review-in-a-sentence, go read it.) And while the book was fantastic, it left me feeling small, alone, and powerless to cause meaningful change in a world that is clearly bringing about its own destruction.

But then I started up Firefox and just in a few minutes I happened to read two great ways that people like you and I can cause meaningful change in the world. Here are just two examples of meaningful things that you and I can do to SAVE THE PLANET:

  • Donate money to Joseph Kimojino and the Mara Conservancy. Joseph works at the Mara Conservancy and he blogs, tweets, snaps pictures showing life on the savannah. His work is largely funded by donations, large and small, from folks like you and me. In fact, he documents names and amounts on the blog! By donating to the Mara Conservancy you can take comfort in knowing that your $20 will be used to combat poaching and support the conservation of the African fauna. If you’ve read The World Without Us, you can understand my concern. If you haven’t, then get busy.
  • Donate money to Tim Ferriss’s LitLiberation project. Tim’s project raises money to build schools, libraries, and generally encourage literacy and education around the world. As you know, education is the first step for bringing about meaningful change, and the LitLiberation foundation makes it possible for you to build a school in Vietnam. If that’s not empowering, I don’t know what is…

So I guess the Internet has other uses besides porn and bitching about movies. Now go out and save some lion cubs!