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Atlanta Hip Hop: Reid Richards + Conspiracy = King Robot

Posted in Artists I Like, Atlanta, Music on March 12, 2009 by dublab

Atlanta readers, remember the Mic Club at the Apache Cafe (when it run by was D.R.E.S. and the kickass band with Billy Fields and DJ Edward Scissorhands)?  If so you might’ve had the chance to watch Reid Richards in action – the man totally owns battle rap.

Now he is back with producer Conspiracy as King RobotOhmpark broke it, and they’ve got a direct link to a Rapidshare download of their first release.  Kind of wild and crazy – check it out.


Ohmpark Rips Creative Loafing a New One For Being Hopelessly Confused

Posted in Atlanta, Music, On My Radar on March 5, 2009 by dublab

Dublab-approved daily read Ohmpark (a must-read for anyone interested in the Atlanta independent music scene) recently gave Creative Loafing a scathing verbal beatdown over their schizophrenic and thoroughly self-contradictory coverage of the local scene.

I’m sure I would’ve vomited had I read the original article but in my apartment the only thing we use CL for is kindling.

Check it out:

Diatribe Of The Day: Don’t Blame The Hipsters, or Why Atlanta Pwns Omaha

As the first commenter pointed out… “flawless victory.”

Concrete Jungle Predatory Birds, or Hawks in Atlanta

Posted in Atlanta on January 29, 2009 by dublab

My girlfriend caught a hawk hanging out in our neighborhood, so she SHOT IT… with our new camera.







3052 Dub Collective and i-Tegrity @ The East Atlanta Reggae Explosion – WonderRoot Community Arts Center

Posted in Artists I Like, Atlanta, Music on September 26, 2008 by dublab

i-Tegrity and the 3052 Dub Collective will be appearing live at the East Atlanta Reggae Explosion on Saturday, October 4th at 8:00 pm @ WonderRoot Community Arts Center on 982 Memorial Dr, Atlanta, GA.  There will also be an exhibit by local ATL photographer Alfredo Santiago.  Don’t miss out!

State of Georgia’s Voicemail Box Is Full When It Comes To An Innocent Man’s Execution

Posted in Anger, Atlanta, Karma, Police State, Sad on September 22, 2008 by dublab

Troy Davis is scheduled to die tomorrow – he will be executed by the State of Georgia for a murder that he claims he did not commit – no murder weapon was ever found.  Proving that the State of Georgia doesn’t care about reasonable doubt, they scheduled his execution 6 days before Troy’s Supreme Court appeal date.  I wrote the Georgia Parole Board about this recently, however this afternoon I received an e-mail with a direct phone number and thought I would call instead:

Subject: Innocent man to die tomorrow – please help and forward to all who can!

Guys I’m sorry to send out a mass message but this is really important to me. All it takes is a minute to tell the state of Georgia you oppose the execution of an INNOCENT man. For a quick summary of the case, see I just called today and it was easy and painless. Here is the message from one of my fellow Amnesty International activists:

Troy’s execution date has been set for Tuesday, but there is still something you can do!

Please call 404-651-6671…
It is the direct line to the Georgia Parole Board.
You will get a live person. They will ask your name and the state you are from.
Please tell them you OPPOSE the scheduled execution of Troy–on Tuesday.

The line does not go to a live person.  It goes to voicemail.  And the mailbox is full – can’t leave any more messages.  So I say it again, the state of Georgia doesn’t give a crap about reasonable doubt.

Regardless, I will continue to call – please call too.  It could happen to you.

Update: The Supreme Court granted Troy a stay of execution 2 hours before he was scheduled to die.  Way to go, State of Georgia – epic fail.

Kool Korners Is Gone: A Sad Day For All Atlanta-Based Latinos

Posted in Atlanta, On My Radar, Sad on August 1, 2008 by dublab

I have received news today that Kool Korners is gone.  After years of loyal service of jalapeño-covered roast pork goodness to the Georgia Tech and Midtown communities, the fantastic eatery with the dull white siding and red Coca-Cola sign on the corner of 14th and State in Midtown Atlanta has closed for good.

A single tear rolls down my cheek as I remember all the wonderful times I had in, around, near, or because of Kool Korners. A small, cramped store (which used to remind me of the “bodega” bit in Half Baked) with dusty products on the shelf, the line for ordering a sandwich used to go out the door and around the side of the store if you happened to get there between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.  Cosmetically, it was probably the ugliest, most run-down place to receive a 5-star rating from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in their Access Atlanta website.

I will forever miss having a Cuban sandwich with Platanutres and Malta India in the company of my main man Ildefonso and his loyal contingent of sandwich-flippers.  Three cheers for the memory of this fantastic establishment.  It will be missed by all.

Update: As a tribute to the former five-star eatery, I’ve posted the smash rap-comedy hit by the Kool Kornerz Lokoz, The Low EndClick here to download.  Long live the Cuban sandwich!