DRM is Filthy: Why Musicians Will Hate Windows 7

When the beta version of Windows 7 dropped recently, nerds around the world were heard gasping in relief.  Finally, a version of Vista that works.  With features that people want.  I heard all about its improved ease of use, the marvelously easy installation process, the almost-like-magic identification of drivers for nearly every piece of hardware under the sun and the fantastic dock-like task bar.  For about 2 and a half weeks there, I REALLY WANTED to get Window 7 as soon as it came out.

But today we get the news.  Windows 7 is riddled with filthy, dirty DRM.  Specifically, a Slashdot reader recently discovered that capturing audio playing on a Windows 7 machine with said PC’s own sound card is pretty much impossible – by design.  If the sound card is playing audio, its inputs are disabled by the OS.  As if that weren’t enough, the OS seems to be very protective over the modification of installed software – this is where it gets much scarier:

Re — Photoshop: That Photoshop stopped functioning after we messed with one of its nag DLLs was not so much a surprise, but what was a surprise: Noting that Win7 allows programs like Photoshop to insert themselves stealthily into your firewall exception list. Further, that the OS allows large software vendors to penetrate your machine. Even further, that that permission is responsible for disabling of a program based on a modified DLL. And then finding that the OS even after reboot has locked you out of your own Local Settings folder; has denied you permission to move or delete the modified DLL; and refuses to allow the replacement of the Local Settings folder after it is unlocked with Unlocker to move it to the Desktop for examination (where it also denies you entry to your own folder). Setting permissions to ‘allow everyone’ was disabled!

This is disappointing news to many, including myself.  As a musician, I use the computer as a tool to make my work easier, and from that perspective, this is kind of like seeing someone try to market a paint brush without bristles – totally unacceptable, and not something that I would EVER spend money on.

So, to Microsoft: take this crap out of the operating system and I may consider purchasing Windows 7 when it comes out.  If you leave it in, I will need to continue using my XP machine until 2016 when you put out your next OS.


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