Kroger – Right Store… For Junk Mail

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Unfortunately, today’s post isn’t all that I wish it could be.

I have decided that this venue is a perfect place to chronicle my battle against junk mail. Although it might not be the most exciting reading, at least you can hear about what happens when you try to stop junk mail from coming to your house.


Today I received not one, but two “shoppers” from Kroger, and since I hate these, I immediately called the number on the front of the mailer, and a delightful young woman picked up wanting to tell me about the Kroger generic medication program.  Her delightfulness quickly evaporated when I asked to be removed from her mailing list.  “I wonder how that happens…” she said. “Let me make sure I am transferring you to the right department.”

Then she put me on hold.

5 minutes later someone with Kroger Customer Service picked up the phone. When I asked for her to take me off the mailing list, she asked for my zip code and name, then she asked if I had my Kroger Plus card with me. After telling her I didn’t HAVE a Kroger Plus card and that the mail was addressed to “Resident,” she tried to pull it up using my address. Still nothing.

“It must’ve been sent from another division. I’ll send it to them for them to take care of it.” Then she assured me that I would be taken off the list when I asked again.

Tasha promised – I would hold her to it but she couldn’t give me an extension that she could be reached at.  Kroger (“Right Store Right Price”) – if you’re reading – stop it!


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