Reggae Evangelism: Listen To The Soldiers Of Jah Army (S.O.J.A.)

Every once in a while I get a piece of music stuck in my head that I just have to tell people about.  The Soldiers Of Jah Army (S.O.J.A.) are roots five-piece based out of D.C. / Virginia, and they tell it like it is.

From “Time Come Due” off Peace in a Time of War:

Wake up now people,

we live in a system that keep us unequal

and the education we receive’s falsified

how am I to believe what I hear when what I heard, I know was a lie?

Not only are they fine lyricists, the guys in S.O.J.A. are also incredible songwriters and musicians – they  deliver their powerful messages over tight, in-the-pocket roots reggae grooves that really get my head bobbing.  The judicious use of silence as part of the “Time Come Due” groove (where you can hear the skank immediately after those first two bass + distorted guitar notes) really makes this song breathe, and it also really makes me want to get up and dance.   When it comes to reggae, these guys are simply not fucking around.

Soldiers of Jah Army (S.O.J.A.) – Time Come Due


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