Siete Nueve: Daddy Yankee Fans Keep Harassing Me

El Nuevo Dia reports on how underground Puerto Rican hip-hop phenom Siete Nueve keeps receiving nasty messages on his cell phone from Daddy Yankee fans who are upset about his latest single “Quedate Callao,” which is not-so-subtly aimed at Raymond Ayala.  But according to Siete Nueve, it isn’t even as bad as some of the diss tracks Don Omar has put out about DY.

And it’s all good, cause Siete Nueve knows people have his back:

So far I’ve gotten encouraging calls from Crisálida, Velcro and Ikol Santiago. Tego Calderón sent me a message saying that he shares my opinion.  And I got calls from Gomba Jahbari and Cultura Profética. And from the United States, rap artist Fat Joe, who made much stronger declarations against Yankee.

Hahahaha… Fat Joe.  Awesome.  I’ll be posting about Velcro, Gomba Jahbari and Cultura in the future, so stay tuned.

Download “Quedate Callao” for free from SieteNueve’s Myspace page.


2 Responses to “Siete Nueve: Daddy Yankee Fans Keep Harassing Me”

  1. daddy yankee fans are trolls!~

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