DAAAAMN! New Calle 13 Single Drops… Right On Top of Ivy Queen

Today’s Nuevo Dia writes about the new Calle 13 single, which went into heavy circulation on Puerto Rican radio stations today.

According to Rene Perez, the song is an attack on reggaeton artists who claim to be “street” but aren’t.  More directly, the track ends with a poke at Ivy Queen (“oye Ivy, me das pena, aqui te traigo una navaja pa que te cortes las venas”), who cried like a little girl when Calle 13 beat her at the Latin Grammy awards.  Cause according to Ivy, “it’s not fair” that Calle 13 won the awards that she was up for since Calle 13 is an “alternative music” act.

I have to say that the lyrics on this track are absolutely friggin hilarious – I can’t think of the last time I heard such a funny and imaginatively worded attack on bling-blingy, conscious-less, major-label commercial trash.  Rene is clearly in top form and I am now officially counting the days until the new album drops.

RealTalkReggaeton has a zshare link for the song associated with the green graphic at the end of this post.


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