Intifada – Revolutionary Hip Hop En Español

If you look up the word “Intifada” on the Internet, you probably won’t find out much about this group, but you may be able to guess what they stand for.

The Intifada that is the subject of this post is an underground hip hop duo from Puerto RicoMC Luis Diaz (right, with an old-school Jean Book, remember those?) and producer Yallzee. They have released a self-titled debut album as well as a follow-up titled Mundo Nuevo (“New World”), both excellent efforts.  Producer Yallzee has also released a solo album of his own titled El Dia.

Intifada’s music focuses on Puerto Rican and Latin American nationalism, self-determination and independence… their lyrics are raw, evocative, and poetic.  Yallzee’s scratchy sampled beats are straightfoward and catchy, setting the stage for MC Luis Diaz’s passionate delivery – the man is a fine wordsmith and a very talented writer.  Since you’re going to ask, I haven’t found an official way to purchase any of this music, but I’ve asked so I promise I will update the post when I do.  In the meantime, I know some folks have posted the albums to Rapidshare-type places, so they’re out there if you are hungry enough to find ’em.  Update: Luis messaged me back saying they are fresh out of CD’s, so I’ve linked… Luis, let me know if you make more.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, my man Tito Yang guest stars on the track 3:16 on Mundo Nuevo – I went to high school with him and his bro!

Here is a taste, one of my favorite Intifada tracks – Epica del Tiempo:


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2 Responses to “Intifada – Revolutionary Hip Hop En Español”

  1. NICE – thanks for the heads up about them! Definitely want to get a hold of more of their music when the CDs are available again.

  2. Hey I was wodnering how I could get a copy of nuevo mundo?

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