Ensalada: Whats Happening in Puerto Rico?

A few items of interest from today’s newspapers:

  • In a rare move that I approve of, Anibal Acevedo Vila vetoed a bill designed to prevent suicides by throwing money at government agencies, public companies, and schools to implement measures anti-suicide measures (whatever the heck those are…).  While it sucks that Puerto Rico is currently caught up in a suicide epidemic, treating a symptom of a problem by throwing money at it is hardly a good solution.
  • The Puerto Rico Telephone company is an easy target for thieves.  Since the year started, they’ve experienced 344 incidents of copper theft – which is probably why my mom has been complaining about losing her DSL service nearly every other week for months now.  I consider the current wave of copper theft to be punishment for every non-forward-thinking telephone company out there.  What the heck are copper thieves going to do with fiber optic cable?  Go out and install some!!!
  • Puerto Ricans mob the JIP office on the day of the deadline for voter registration – Disney-style lines and people cutting them everywhere.  I guess that means people are fed up or something.  As of September 15th, there are a total of 2,452,354 registered voters in Puerto Rico – up from the 1,950,165 that were registered to vote nearly 4 years ago.

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