The Puerto Rican Music Scene: Let’s Clear Some Things Up…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, life has been somewhat hectic lately and I’ve been neglecting this forum and its four loyal readers – I sincerely apologize.

Recently, a comment thread on a post about Fat Joe’s thoughts on Daddy Yankee’s McCain endorsement got me thinking: what does American think about when it thinks about the Puerto Rican music scene? To my disgust, I think the likely answer is a mindlessly repetitive dem bow beat with nonsensical lyrics about hot girls and being in the club, as exemplified by nearly every piece of commercial reggaeton crap that Daddy Yankee and/or Wisin y Yandel have put out in the last four years.

So sad, because we have so much more to offer.  Last 4/20, I posted about Siete Nueve, and I think it’s time for me to continue exposing Puerto Rico’s rich musical potential to the Internets.  I’ll have information (or “context” like the dude at Fatplanet would say) on the artists, as well as sample tracks (please e-mail me if you want them taken down!!!) and links to their websites or relevant pages on Amazon.

Be on the look-out…


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