Kool Korners Is Gone: A Sad Day For All Atlanta-Based Latinos

I have received news today that Kool Korners is gone.  After years of loyal service of jalapeño-covered roast pork goodness to the Georgia Tech and Midtown communities, the fantastic eatery with the dull white siding and red Coca-Cola sign on the corner of 14th and State in Midtown Atlanta has closed for good.

A single tear rolls down my cheek as I remember all the wonderful times I had in, around, near, or because of Kool Korners. A small, cramped store (which used to remind me of the “bodega” bit in Half Baked) with dusty products on the shelf, the line for ordering a sandwich used to go out the door and around the side of the store if you happened to get there between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.  Cosmetically, it was probably the ugliest, most run-down place to receive a 5-star rating from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in their Access Atlanta website.

I will forever miss having a Cuban sandwich with Platanutres and Malta India in the company of my main man Ildefonso and his loyal contingent of sandwich-flippers.  Three cheers for the memory of this fantastic establishment.  It will be missed by all.

Update: As a tribute to the former five-star eatery, I’ve posted the smash rap-comedy hit by the Kool Kornerz Lokoz, The Low EndClick here to download.  Long live the Cuban sandwich!


4 Responses to “Kool Korners Is Gone: A Sad Day For All Atlanta-Based Latinos”

  1. charlie cooper Says:

    is there any news out there that would suggest that any of the workers at kool corners have moved on tha make their own versin of the great sandwiches that are well missed …many thanks charlie cooper

    • Charlie, not that I’ve heard. Frankly it was all about the pork recipe, which probably lives in Ildefonso’s head – I know for a fact that he prepared it himself behind closed doors at his house (which was actually behind the shop). If you find out, let me know…

  2. They moved!!!!!! They are now in Birmingham, AL and are still just as good!

  3. if you go 2 hours, you can have a cuban! they re-opened…


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