More Shenanigans Involving The Governor of Puerto Rico

In a move that could be very damaging to the Anibal Acevedo Vila’s credibility (and even his federal criminal case), the Puerto Rican Cámara de Representantes (House of Representatives) has stated that it would like to see copies of all receipts and payments involving transactions between the law firms that make up the governor’s current legal defense team and a series of government agencies like the P.R. Port Authority, the Electrical Energy Authority (AEE), and the municipal governments of Carolina, Hormigueros, and Humacao.

According to Jose Aponte, president of the House of Representatives, the reason for the inquiry is that:

It is important for the people of Puerto Rico to know if the money that we have contributed as taxpayers is being used the Governor’s defense in the criminal case against him.

The issue is not as black-and-white as it could be, especially given the fact that the aforementioned government agencies all have legitimate contracts with the law firms in question.  Honestly, sorting this out is probably a good idea, especially since this is exactly the type of (alleged) behavior that the governor is being brought to court for.

Click here to read the original Vocero article on the subject (Spanish) – And while I’m not trying to imply that Puerto Rican newspapers have less than unbiased coverage, it seems funny to me (funny-weird, not funny-haha) that this story made headlines in today’s Vocero, while it is conspicously absent from today’s online editon of El Nuevo Dia.  They could be in the print version (which I unfortunately do not have access to) but I really doubt it.

If you need to catch up on what is going on with the Governor of Puerto Rico, see some of my previous posts on the subject:


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