Secretary of Labor Wants To Raise Wages in Puerto Rico

According to El Vocero, my fair island’s very own Secretary of Labor and Human Resources, Roman Velasco, wants the legislature to give him the power to force wage increases based on inflation and cost of living increases. This would only apply to members of the workforce that are not subject to collective negotiation to determine their wages, i.e., non-unionized workers. The secretary has made a case for wage increases based on the quickly rising prices of gasoline as well as those of staple foods like rice, coffee and milk.

It is interesting to note that the only gov’t employees in Puerto Rico with cost-of-living increases built into their salaries are… you guessed it, legislators.

Is anyone listening? Is anyone going to fight for MY right to competitive wages based on the current inflation and increases in cost of living? I’m all for a non-intrusive government, but I firmly believe that sometimes the institutions we have empowered to lead us should step in and take action when appropriate. Here is why I think this applies now:

A couple of years out of college, I live about a block away from where my fiancee’s dad lived when he was our age. When HE got out of college, he was making the SAME yearly amount I am making now – and his rent was less than 1/3 of what I pay now. So basically, in 30 years, in this one small corner of Atlanta, wages have stayed the same, while the cost of renting a place to live has increased nearly 400%.

But that’s just my 2 cents.


One Response to “Secretary of Labor Wants To Raise Wages in Puerto Rico”

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