Awesomeness of the Day: Bionic Eagle Beak

Better, faster, stronger…


One Response to “Awesomeness of the Day: Bionic Eagle Beak”

  1. I believe that the fastest bird is called, “Swift Bird” Ohh well that’s what I believe I could be wrong..

    Carlos Jimenez,A Yonkers, New York Native Latin Jazz flautist, composer, arranger, and producer. Jimenez started on trumpet at age 4, then he switch to flute at age 10. Jimenez’ first music teacher was Mr. Pablo Leon at the Francisco Zayas Santana’s High School in Villalba, Puerto Rico. After arriving to New York in 1995, Jimenez studied flute with; Mitch Frohman, Mario Rivera, Bobby Porcelli, Dave Valentin, Vinny Rikitelli, and Dave Fenucane at the Westchester Conservatory of Music. Jimenez then studied piano with the great; Hilton Ruiz, Sonny Bravo, Mike Longo, and Barry Harris., When Jimenez met, pianist composer, arranger, conductor, and once Dizzy Gilespie’s musical director, Mr. Mike Longo, his piano teacher, was when Mr. Jimenez’ theory and musical ideas expanded. Hilton Ruiz has performed with Jimenez and Jimenez with Hilton’s Latin Jazz All Stars. January 25, 2005 Jimenez debuted his first Latin Jazz production with Legendary Afro-Cuban pianist, Hilton Ruiz.. The CD was titled, “Arriving” under Jimenez’ own label CJMartinete Music Co. His composition titled, Tunnel of Flowers was featured in a romantic Valentine Day compilation titled, “Vivid Chocolates.” October 14 2006 Jimenez released “El Flautista” his second Latin Jazz Production with his mentor, teacher, friend & Master Saxophonist Bobby Porcelli. Also featuring bassest, Gregg August; pianist, David Braham; trumpeter, John Walsh & Swifted timbalero also Jimenez’ brother, Guillermo Jimenez. Carlos Jimenez has also recorded with Legendary flutist and Grammy Award Winner Mr. Dave Valentin. On June 1st 2008 Jimenez came out with his new release titled Thoughts. Now he is triying to open new doors and showing his other versatilities by creating 11 original compositions with extrodinary results as mention by his Co-executive producer Mr. Paul Cruz from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This third CD titled, “THOUGHTS (Pensamientos) is a wonderful production featuring greats like; Ruben Rodriguez on bass and Vince Cherico on drums. Jimenez along with vibist, Jay Hoggard, Ruben Rodriguez, Dean Vazquez & Vince Cherico will also be featured on Going Back To N.O.L.A a wonderful tribute to the Legendary pianist Hilton Ruiz produced by Aidita Ruiz/HRM Records.

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