The DC Securitron

DJ Eurok over at Upset the Setup is suitably upset at the fact that the DC police is taking a very… er… radical approach to “rescue the city from it’s out-of-control violence.” It basically involves roping off neighborhoods and having cops screen anyone who comes in or goes out of the areas – making sure they “have business being there.”

Huh? Am I reading correctly? No visitors allowed either? What if you forgot your ID, do you go to jail? Are these going to be like admissions lines to a ballpark, or more like the TSA checkpoints at the airports? Or are these cops going to be doing the full-on riot gear thing?

For some reason I think this may cause a hell of a lot more problems than it could potentially alleviate…


One Response to “The DC Securitron”

  1. and its not like its as bad as philly right now. thats where the former dc chief is now. i mean, phillys like beirut but at least its not like gaza

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