Hillary Won Puerto Rico: Ricky Martin Has Nothing To Do With It!

The Latin Americanist really pissed me off this morning with a post implying that the reason Hillary Clinton won Puerto Rico was… *drum roll*… Ricky Martin’s support! Thanks, Latin Americanist, for that well-researched, highly intellectual root cause analysis. Obviously, Puerto Ricans must base all their political decisions on Ricky Martin’s opinions… I mean, he’s from there, right?

While Mr. Martin’s support may have swayed one or two people (or at least the folks at the Latin Americanist), it’s sad to see such a short-sighted analysis of a complicated political situation being offered so seriously. I mean, did they post it there by mistake when it should’ve really gone on The Onion?

Anyway, here are what one ‘can thinks are the real reasons for Hillary’s victory:

  • Carlos Romero Barcelo and Luis Fortuño – the support of former governors and resident comissioners carries a lot of political clout, especially in the PNP party side (NPP in English).
  • Ricky RosselloRicky Rossello (who actually went to the same high school as me) is leading some type of new political organization whose purpose was to obtain answers from each of the presidential candidates in regarding their plans around resolving the issue of Puerto Rico’s political status. His support carries a lot of clout, both with the PNP party and his dad’s followers (his old man is a former governor).
  • She promised to resolve the issue of Puerto Rico’s political status during her first term. This is possibly one of the most important items on any Puerto Rican’s political agenda… we’ve been working on this since 1868. Personally I consider this an empty promise – a lie told by a politician attempting to be elected.

Or maybe, I’m totally off base and the entire island of Puerto Rico is just doing whatever Ricky Martin says… oh wait, only 387,299 out of the 2.8 million eligible voters turned out to vote, period.

Update: This guy also has a pretty good take on all the analysis on Hillary’s Puerto Rico win…


One Response to “Hillary Won Puerto Rico: Ricky Martin Has Nothing To Do With It!”

  1. Actually, the post was meant to be sarcastic and not as serious as you may have taken it. (Maybe I should have wrote “just kidding” somewhere in the post?)

    Thus, please be assured that we did not intend for a “short-sighted analysis of a complicated political situation.” Obviously her victory was due to several factors such as those you mentioned.

    Hope that clears things up!

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