Multi-Million Dollar Pay Day for Puerto Rico Police, Anti-Pirates Hate Deaf People, ICE “Respects” Immigrant Families

Since I was going to write about things that piss me off, I decided to lump them all together in a single post. Might as well keep my bitching confined to a small space:

Pissing Me Off, Issue 1

The island of Puerto Rico woke up this morning to 81 drug-and-gun-related arrests. One of them was even a minor league baseball player. The police conducted raids in 6 different cities. The numbers for the city of Ponce come in as follows: 14 arrests, 6 seized vehicles, 31 grams of cocaine, and 3.4 pounds of pot. Plus five handguns, an AK-47, and a submachine gun which were bought by an undercover agent during one of the raids. That’s it???

That means if we take that as an average, the raid that net 81 arrests also yielded a maximum of 7 oz. of cocaine, on an island that lies exactly halfway between Columbia and Miami. Considering the quantities that are typically seized by the Puerto Rican police during raids, doesn’t that count as an epic “fail?”

It’s sad that the corruption-filled Puerto Rican police organization is so involved in the world of gun and drug trafficking that they can walk away from an island-wide raid with so little in terms of seizures, while at the same time managing to rack up an unbelievable $24,905,000.00 in bail money.

I guess they need to get money any way they can. I visited PR recently and that definitely jives with the way that everything government-related is now more expensive.

Pissing Me Off, Issue 2

One of the ladies from VivirLatino has pointed out that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking to build 3 “family detention centers” in the United States. This would allow ICE to continue its Gestapo-style raids on the US’s various poultry processing plants and Home Depot parking lots while at the same time being able to claim that they are “looking out for the families.”

What xenophobic pigs they are.

Pissing Me Off, Issue 3

WikiSubtitles is (you guessed it!) a wiki site aimed at the collaborative transcription and captioning of TV shows and movies – according to TorrentFreak it is partly aimed at foreign and deaf Internet users. Earlier today, they received a cease-and-desist letter from Spanish anti-piracy outfit FAP (Anti-Piracy Federation). Apparently, they believe the site contains captions obtained from copyrighted material. Some issues:

  • Whether or not a set of sub-titles was taken from a DVD would be slightly difficult to prove since accurate movie sub-titles SHOULD BE INDISTINGUISHABLE from what is included on a sub-titled DVD.
  • I’m not sure how liable WikiSubtitles would be for something submitted by one of their users. Then again, I’m not sure what the legality of any of this would be like in Spain.
  • Finally, anybody that keeps cute little deaf Filipino children from enjoying Dora The Explorer in Tagalog is an agent of evil, in my opinion.

What bastards.


2 Responses to “Multi-Million Dollar Pay Day for Puerto Rico Police, Anti-Pirates Hate Deaf People, ICE “Respects” Immigrant Families”

  1. hi this is larry logan from alabama,usa. i am looking for my deaf friend name milly velez who live there peruto rico somewhere. i need her videophone number and her email adrres that i want contact her. i havent seen herr so long time 15 year ago. hope u can help me out. thank s much. bro. larry logan

  2. I wonder if you can help me. I am looking for the mailing address and phone number for the police department in Rio Grande, PR.

    THanks for your help.

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