Who Needs Aerospace Engineers? Not the United States…

The United States has been experiencing a shortage of engineers for some time now, at least since before I started college. Rather than grow them ourselves, we solve our need for engineers by importing them from various other countries using H-1B visas.

And yet we live in a country where a large portion of the population is actively fighting to torpedo the teaching of hard science and math in our schools… a country where a similarly large portion of the population is pushing for laws that would guarantee the deportation of would-be aerospace engineers like Juan:

I find it unbelievably screwed up that a country which until recently was “the best in the world” at various things (the space race, tall buildings, big corporations, large gambling revenues, claiming the worlds richest individual) is so willing to destroy its share of the high-tech job market at a time where the American economy needs those jobs the most, just to we perpetuate xenophobia and ignorance in the American public.

Anybody else feel like they are on a sinking ship?


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