The Virgin Islands Have a Red-Headed Stepchild

I was doing some of my daily reading this morning, when someone told me they’d like to move to St. Croix and blog and sell music from a wi-fi hotspot on the beach. Isn’t that what everybody wants — enough of an income to support a life on the beach? Well, it’s pretty similar to what I want at least…

So I started thinking… St. Croix needs good people. During the last few years, the so-called red-headed stepchild of the VI has endured an unprecedented tourism drought following a crazy-ass one-two punch: the destruction inflicted by Hurricane Hugo in ’89, and the decision by Carnival cruise lines to exclude the island from its cruise itineraries in ’02.

So visit! St. Croix is just as beautiful and lively as the other Virgin Islands. And unlike the sprawling cruise-ship city of Charlotte Amalie that is slowly devouring St. Thomas, St. Croix has managed to retain its charm without becoming a McDonalds version of its former self.

Still don’t have enough reasons to go? Here are 2 more:

  • My favorite reggae band – Midnite.
  • No passport required!

Bonus video clip: Rasta To The Bone


One Response to “The Virgin Islands Have a Red-Headed Stepchild”

  1. I’m looking into it…

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