FBI Harassing Nationalists in Puerto Rico

IndymediaPR.org and others have posted about increasing harassment on the part of the FBI towards alleged members of Puerto Rico’s various left-wing organizations (presumably, because of their involvement in pro-nationalist or pro-independence activities), interviewing people in Yauco, Peñuelas, Bayamon, and San Juan. Even El Nuevo Dia jumped on this, with an editorial, even!

So what happened?

  • At 7:00 a.m. on Wed, April 16, Miguel Viqueira was harassed by bullet-vested FBI agents in his own driveway as he tried to get in his car to go to work. After harassing and insulting Miguel, the agents left without presenting any kind of warrant or court order.
  • In a similar incident, Tania Delgado Soto was intercepted at 8:10 a.m. as she left her home in the Floral Park development in Río Piedras. Ms. Soto refused to cooperate with the agents, and she was only left alone after threatening to call her lawyer.

According to an FBI spokesperson, these “interviews” are voluntary and serve as a valuable information-gathering instrument for the Bureau. Doublespeak!

These are not interviews: they are cheap attempts to provoke incidents that can be used as an excuse to “neutralize” the so-called terrorists who fight for a free Puerto Rico. Be careful, folks, the FBI has proved that the Puerto Rican independence movement is enough of a threat that they will do whatever it takes to silence you.

They may just shoot you through the lung, and let you sit there for a day and a half until you bleed to death. Remember Filiberto.

Bonus: Tania Delgado Soto’s cousin wrote a great editorial for El Nuevo Dia about this. Also, check out Calle 13’s Querido FBI“pa’ explotarle a esos cabrones los colmillos hay 3.9 millones de cuchillos… esto es sencillo, se me prendio el bombillo, lo que hay que hacer es activar a los corillos…”


5 Responses to “FBI Harassing Nationalists in Puerto Rico”

  1. Why would the US care if PR declares independence? I’d like to see it since this strange colony/territory situation is obviously a carry over from a long ago time. It’d be good for PR’s and it might cleanse our stained American hands a little.

  2. Not sure why the FBI cares, other than it defies their authority.

    The interesting thing is, Puerto Rico CANNOT simply declare independence like you say. No matter how many referendums are held, the fact of the matter is that the political fate of Puerto Rico as it stands right now is something that, barring revolution, can only be changed by Congress.

  3. Note of interest: if you click above on this line El Nuevo Dia jumped on this, you will see the article in question. However if you go to El Nuevo Dia and try to look up that article you will not find it. This is the only article I found regarding the FBI:Incursión federal en La Perla. Could this be a mistake or something intentional.

  4. Not sure why that happens… I never use endi.com’s search feature cause it seems to be a piece of crap.

    Try typing in “Nuevo Dia +” your keyword into Google and searching for that, I usually get better results that way.

  5. […] frowns on the pro-independence movement and discourages its participants every chance it gets (see some of my previous posts), rooting for independence is always a bad proposition politically. I believe that a large number […]

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