Calls From 407-207-0820

Supposedly it belongs to a guy called Peter Tang, and the address attached to the number is 4684 Butterbough Ave, Orlando, FL. Now, here is why I loooove Google Maps… apparently this address doesn’t exist yet, or rather, there is nothing at the address except a future subdivision:


When I picked up, I heard a recorded message telling me I should press 1 to lower my credit card interest rates. After pressing 1, I was routed to a guy who kept talking about lowering my rates. I asked him what company he worked for, at which point he said “all of them.” Riiiight.

At that point I started to say “take me off your list and never call me again” over and over and over while dude continued to tell me all about how I was missing out on a great offer.

Having worked with a helpdesk organization, it gets easy to spot fakers…

Check out what people have to say about this guy!

Update (04/02/08):  Today I received a call from 305-758-9297.  I heard the same recorded message about lowering my interest rates that I heard the last time, except this time when I pressed 1 to try to get the guy on the phone so that I could tell him what I thought of him, the call got disconnected.


One Response to “Calls From 407-207-0820”

  1. Sam Harvkey Says:

    I’ve received at least 15 calls from this number and have always hung up until this morning. I pressed 9 as requested to speak to a live operator. The guy came on the line and the first words out of his mouth were “what is the account number of the credit card you want the rates reduced on?” I said ” I don’t but I’m getting damn tired of these calls.” He hung up on me and I certainly hope I never get another of these annoying and phishing calls.


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