How Presidential Hopefuls Can Buy My Vote

So yesterday I was watching Larry King Live on CNN and Larry was doing an interview with Brad Pitt onsite at the art installation / fundraising event that he and his polycultural family are hosting in the Lower 9th Ward. It’s nice that celebrities are stepping in to do what the United States government will not.

Anyway, while he was talking to Larry, Brad Pitt managed to challenge all current presidential candidates to invest some of their campaign funding to build a house in New Orleans (which, for this project, would take about $150,000, per Mr. Pitt). He said it in a very nice and respectful way, right after Larry pointed out how a few presidential hopefuls have already expressed interest in the project.

So basically, the candidate who spends the most money on this project gets my vote.  You have until election day, starting… now!!!


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