Traditional vs. New Music Industry Business Model

Recently I read this interesting article on the “Radiohead business model” written by long-time acquaintance Sugarkane over at Ohmpark. What strikes me the most is the following statement (the formatting is mine):

If people can’t make tons of money making music, that doesn’t mean music is just going to stop getting made, it means that the people making music will do it for the love of music, not for the money. Now, I want to see the bands I love make money for their work, and I believe they can even in this worst case scenario, but at the end of the day, what matters most to me is hearing great music, and as the industry has been in a tailspin, I feel like I’ve been hearing more and more great music than ever in my life, so I’m pretty optimistic.

I hadn’t heard it put quite so succinctly, but I’ve certainly found myself thinking along those lines recently. Even with piracy rampant, the RIAA suing people left and right, and even people giving their music away, I keep hearing so much great stuff that I find it hard to believe that the “new business models” are a failure.

And on a side note, the post also links to Radiohead’s webcast of Unravel.


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