Why Cops Should Get Their Nightsticks Back (and Learn ASL…)

DJ Eurok’s Upset the Setup has a post pointing to a story about a wet, naked deaf man who was tasered after coming out of the shower. Be sure to check out the hilarious pictures on Eurok’s page.

This is yet another reason why I think tasers should be taken away from cops. I say: give them back their nightsticks. Tasers ARE NOT a less-than-lethal weapon.

Update:  I’ve been told that my position on nightsticks doesn’t make sense, so here’s why… no one has ever argued that a nightstick is a non-lethal weapon.  Officers can quickly and safely use it to take down a person, but they must use think about what they are doing and exercise restraint.   They need to be sure about whether or not the person in front of them actually poses a threat.  With tasers, officers are trained that since it is non-lethal, they can “fire without hesitation” when they believe they may be in danger (at least that is what a rep from the Taser corporation told the Discovery Channel for an episode of Futureweapons).  The problem with that philosophy is that, as I’ve pointed out above, police departments all throughout the United States have already proven that tasers are not less-than-lethal weapon.


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