Bjork’s Crazy Touring Rig, John Cage, Gadgets, Funky Drummer Documentary

There’s a lot of buzz lately about Bjork’s touring rig for her latest tour, as well as her performance at Coachella. Why? Because her backing band is using a REACtable, and a JazzMutant Lemur multi-touch interface, and it’s badass!

Read about it at Boing Boing.

Byron Scullin wrote about it too. So did Alexander.

Do-it-yourselfers can now get their hands on the visual recognition software that powers the thing.

MIT’s Audiopad seems like a less abstract version of the REACtable.

Read about how multi-touch screens work.

The official REACtable page.

John Cage is nuts:

I am very excited to hear about the new Belkin USB hub. It’s supposed to be Wi-Fi enabled, so it will make life A LOT easier for people like me that have tons of USB connected gadgets. I’m not sure exactly how it is supposed to work, but it sounds very promising. I personally have:

  1. Wireless network adapter
  2. iLok key dongle for Pro Tools
  3. MIDI interface
  4. Printer
  5. Digital camera
  6. My girlfriend’s iPod

and I would absolutely LOVE to be able to use these from various computers without having to unplug anything. I might also have to get a USB-powered missile launcher if I end up getting one of these hubs.

And since network printers (the ones with Ethernet jacks) are so gosh-darn expensive in recent years, it looks like Belkin has a wide-open market for a product like this, especially for people who wish to share printers in a home office or small business.

YouTube documentary on the Most Important Drum Loop Ever:

Jonathan Coulton seems to be an interesting dude. I read about him in a slashdotted New York Times piece called “Sex, Drugs, and Updating Your Blog” or something just as witty (seriously though, if anyone tries to whip up one more witty reinterpretation of that tired old phrase I am going to shoot myself – how do sex and drugs have anything to do with today’s rock music?)Anyway, this guy basically decided to quit his day job and write one song every week for a whole year, and somehow he has managed to make a living out of it (I don’t think he’s going back to being a software programmer).Big balls.

Read about the history of the lute (so basically the history of the guitar!)

I absolutely LOVE VST instruments and plugins. It’s like I’m getting a new piece of audio gear every time I get a new one. Sure, a lot of them suck real bad, but you gotta go through those to find the good ones…Check out:
Betabugs Audio


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