Movie Review by Proxy: Knocked Up

One of the movies on my list at the moment is Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, featuring Seth Rogen. Given the fact that the movie is directed by the guy that brought us The 40 Year Old Virgin, and that every supporting cast member from that movie is also in this one, it should be enjoyable (they even have the kid that wanted to buy the shiny boots at the eBay store!)

Here’s a review from my friend 73mp14r:

I went and saw Knocked Up last Friday & enjoyed it immensely. There were some slow parts of the movie and a couple of times where you want to smack the hell out of some of the characters, but there were far too many other scenes where I nearly wet myself that it totally made up for the less than funny parts.

All in all, a good funny flick. I would advise against letting kids anywhere near the theater for this one. Lotsa pot (in the beginning) and quite a lot of the naughty words…oh, and some breasts (if you’re against that sort of thing).

I’m trying to go see it sometime soon.

Update:  I have since seen the movie, and it kicks ass.  Go out there and buy it, boys and girls!


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