April Showers Bring May Newspiles

I haven’t posted anything in a while since I’ve been extremely busy with moving to a new apartment (not very far from the old one) and random other stuff that’s been going on in my life. Also, I recently learned the meaning of the word “blogorrhea” and did not want to be guilty of it so I figured I’d save my posts for when I had really good stuff to talk about.

I keep a notepad and a pen in my glove compartment. They come in handy every once in a while for taking down the odd phone number or email, but the original reason I put them in my car was to have something that I could use to jot down quick notes to leave for people. Specifically for the asses that double-park on two-lane roads, in front of driveways, blocking my car, or generally, anywhere else that specifically annoys me.The SkinnyCorp guys must’ve read my mind, and have created a product that I will be buying in bulk. Click on the link and go see for yourself, it is really too beautiful for words.

In case you run your own website and you are the only kid on your block still without one, here is a site that helps the technically impaired turn images into FavIcon files.

Now that Apple has started to run out of ideas for the “Get a Mac” commercials, somebody’s put together their very own South Park-style parody of the advertising campaign:

According to AOL, Mike “Virus” Nieves did all sorts of horrible things to its computer systems. According to an unknown hacker known as “Smokey”, as told to Wired magazine, AOL is using Nieves as a “fall guy” for a fairly sizeable backlog of unsolved hacks.Sounds like a plausible re-formulation of the plot of “Hackers”.

My friend and coworker Will likes to tell the story of his first day at a Basics of Graphic Design course that he took at Georgia Tech. According to Will, the professor informed the class that, being a graphic design course, anyone who turned in anything using Comic Sans would automatically fail the assignment.Ban comic sans.

My girlfriend has a huge collection of old wine corks that she’s been saving over the years. I hope I can convince her to try to do something like this.

Take this handy test to find out if you are an idiot. Or to see exactly what type of idiocy applies to you.

Pete Townshend has a new website where he will be trying to sell people their own personal theme music. Now you too can be like Peter in the Family Guy episode with the wish-granting genie in it…

One of the people at Ars Technica has tried it out and posted some of his theme music online. I’m sad to say that I am very unimpressed by what I heard so far… the system is obviously based on some type of algorithmic composition engine much like one that I used to play with years ago (10 years, actually…) and it’s MIDI output is predictably homogeneous. I assume this gets fed into some VST to generate actual sounds which can then be rendered to mp3. Whatever they are using to synthesize is also, unfortunately, about as impressive as the default General MIDI sounds.Here’s hoping that Pete’s gamble plays out. All he really has to do is get enough people to buy into it to offset his startup costs. I would advise him to abandon the site after that. Automatically generated music, although an interesting concept, is far from what I would call aesthetically pleasing…

Ars Technica recently published a story implying that the RIAA’s shenanigans as of late could be considered… *gasp*… extortion! Finally someone is catching on.Lets hope this idea continues to gain momentum. Someone needs to stop the RIAA from destroying anyone else’s life for alleged filesharing.

Michael Bay has put up some nice PNGs of the Transformers on his blog. As one of my friends sometimes says, “Transforgasm!”


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