Bill Cobham and George Duke Band, plus the Monome Controller and A Bunch of Other Stuff

Here’s a great list of everybody who is doomed to eternal suffering, and if you click on their name you get to see why…

The new Q-Tuners are humbucking guitar pickups made out of neodymium. They look pretty wicked, but unfortunately they wouldn’t look very good on MY guitar.

Midomi is a new social-network type service that… well, I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to do. I tried to search for some songs by singing them, and it was a terrible failure. Maybe I’m just not that good at singing… or maybe my renditions of “In the Air Tonight” and Whitney Houston’s song from The Bodyguard are less than perfect…

Found some awesome videos of the Bill Cobham and George Duke Band playing @ Montreux, Switzerland, on 7/6/76. Also featuring a young John Scofield. They’re awesome!

Red Baron


Almustafa the Beloved

Ivory Tattoo

I recently read this article from CDM about one of the guys from Sound Tribe Sector Nine and his custom-built double Monome controller. I didn’t even know what a single Monome was, so I looked it up on YouTube. I think I might want one sometime in the future…

Some girls’ boyfriend.

Some dude demoing the control surface.

Surface running KSD (whatever that is…).

Another demo.


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