The Post-Post-April-Fool’s Newspile

A friend of mine pointed me to some new leaked pictures of the new Transformers movie. Check it out:

Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher (the Decepticon, not the rapper).

Another picture of a giant robot.

Techdirt writes about more tomfoolery from the RIAA!!! Apparently, Trent Reznor (the man behind Nine Inch Nails) has decided to undertake a slightly less traditional advertising campaign to plug his new record. Instead of the regular boring billboards and flyers, Mr. Reznor has adopted a scheme which somehow involves secret websites and clandestine locations for songs from his new album. NIN fans have reportedly been finding USB keys with tracks from Reznor’s new record at restrooms during NIN shows and later posting the songs online (all with Trent’s consent, of course).

Of course, Trent didn’t really tell the folks at the RIAA about this, since they’ve been issuing takedown notices left and right. How silly!

Another very interesting recent Techdirt article talks about the possibility of web-distributed guitar tablatures going legit. Nothing would bring me greater joy, but I am still skeptical.

For some reason I can’t help think that the golden days of OLGA and Harmony Central are long gone. And I mean Harmony Central the tab-archive wonder, not its current reincarnation-as-a-blog. Maybe it’s because at the time, the disappearance of guitar tablature archives was the first real sign of what I will call the proprietarity phenomenon (patent-copyright-trademark-craziness, e.g. RIAA, MPAA, saying the word Superbowl or Olympics, Verizon vs. Vonage) that has been sweeping most of the civilized world. And it’s only been getting worse.

There’s a couple of GigaOm posts (this one and this one) about Ed and Carlos’s latest shenanigans. AT&T and America Movil (under the direction of Ed Whitacre and Carlos Slim, respectively) have made an offer to buy Telecom Italia. Apparently it’s the latest in a long series of back-scratches between Ed and Carlos that goes back even further than Carlos’s involvement in the Prodigy-SBC deal in 1999. Presumably, the deal’s ultimate goal is to give Carlos a shot at Telecom Italia’s Brazilian business, which Mr. Slim has been wanting for a long time.


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