The Post-April-Fool’s Newspile

Have you signed up for Google broadband yet? It’s awesome! The Internet giant has recently unveiled its new TISP service, which is sure to give other broadband providers a run for their money. The service is based on wireless access points fed by buried fiber-optic cable.

Gizmodo and GigaOm have great things to say about the service…

So today at work, one of my coworkers recommended Ethereal, a packet sniffing tool, after I had asked about a good way to monitor ports that are somehow generating traffic on my computer. I downloaded Ethereal but I also read up about how Ethereal destroys relationships. The story sounds painfully like many others that I have heard about before on the news, on the radio, and even from friends.

Readers: please don’t cheat. Or if you do, learn to hide your evidence.

Nerdalert! A new Transformers trailer has been leaked. For those of you that are out of the loop, the nerd-tastic giant morphing robots are about to be the stars of a new super-high-budget movie produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Michael Bay.


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