New Musical Weirdness YouTube Bonanza

The Reactable is a synthesizer with a very novel interface. It was invented by some students in Barcelona and it looks like a control surface taken directly out of the starship Enterprise. It’s hard to explain.

Here’s two demos and an improv bit.

Water is a MIDI controller. Duh. Why didn’t I think of this before? A grad student from Australia called Sebastian Tomczak (did I spell that right?) put this together using laser pointers and solar cells from calculators.Here is the basic application…

…and here it is taken to the extreme.

Here’s a nifty new instrument… the Vestax Faderboard. I still can’t really figure out how this one works, other than you can actually PLAY it like you can a synthesizer or a theremin. I want one too.Shing02, the designer of the faderboard, has a few videos up:

Apparently, Jello is also a MIDI controller.

This just in, scientists have figured out that the impulses that nerve cells transfer to each other are actually sound, not electricity.

The new MoogerFooger is so cool it… listens to the radio? Yeah, apparently the good people at Moog have given the MF/FM the ability to tune into Hot Oldies 97.1 and 95.5 The Beat in order to screw up whatever signal you may be passing through it (Andrea Bocelli performing Carmen, for instance…). Pretty neat.

I had talked about Mike Doyle before (the US representative that understands mixtapes and mashups!), but here is a page with a video of his comments before Congress.

I should’ve gone to this. I would’ve gotten a kick out of the block-synth or the fishstrument.


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