Bad Mechanic Story

From my letter to Pep Boys customer relations:

The manager wanted to have my alternator replaced because it “was damaged” since it was not charging the battery. I was told that the symptoms I was experiencing (non-working instrument cluster) were due to “the alternator not working.” I did not have the work done because I was suspicious. Upon returning home and doing some checking with a multimeter, I discovered the cause of the instrument cluster failure was actually a blown fuse. After replacing the fuse, the instrument cluster worked and the alternator started to work normally again. The instrument cluster not working is what caused the alternator not to charge the battery, not the other way around. In my opinion, I should get my $80 back since I was given an incorrect diagnosis which shows that the mechanic who looked at my car does not understand how a vehicle’s electrical systems work. The diagnosis I was given was incorrect and would have replaced parts that are in perfect working condition.

I am very upset about this. The alternator repair was quoted at $220. It is unfortunate and disgraceful that your company chooses to perpetuate the stereotype that mechanics are “out to screw the customer” by engaging in the practice of blindly trying to replace alternators for any electrical issues before doing something as simple as CHECKING THE FUSES IN THE CUSTOMER’s CAR.

Although Pep Boys has served me well in the past, you have shown that you don’t deserve my business. I will not be taking my vehicle to be serviced at Pep Boys in the future.

Moral of the story: always get a second opinion for anything that involves mechanical issues with a vehicle. Nuff said.


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