Ableton Turntablist, bold claims about Tetris, the mysterious Tenori-On, and Weird Noises

CDM writes about this guy’s set using turntables + foot controller + Ableton Live. It’s preeeeetty cool. It takes a while for him to get to the good stuff (scratching), but its very interesting to see the way this dude builds his loops on the fly. I DEFINITELY need to work on my Live skills…

For more of this guy’s stuff, check out his YouTube page.

On the DJ side of things, CDM also has an interesting post about the Ecler EVO5 DJ mixer: The Ecler EVO5 Revealed (Partially): Ferrari of Digital DJ Mixers? The specs are still sketchy, but I’ve read some pretty wild guesses (electrified fingerprint readers?). One CDM reader went so far as to claim that its supposed to be “better than Tetris.” Blasphemous.

And immediately below, an article on the wacky Tenori-On. I want one.

Moving on to other topics, I recently stumbled onto the web page for the Extreme Synth Weirdness Project 1.0. It is basically a database of sound files of people using their synthesizers to make the weirdest and strangest noises possible. It comes with a warning:

Listen wisely! Some of these demos may have very high or very low frequencies that can damage your equipment and speakers. You may experience disorientation, nausea or other effects. Some sounds can frighten or kill small mammals.

Fortunately, I did not experience any of the symptoms above.


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