The Best Invention Ever, Banksy, Tom Jowen, and SEC Spambusters

Don’t you sometimes wish you could get a cold one without having to vacate your spot on the couch? Especially when the living room is full of people gunning for your place? Enter the world’s best beer fridge (here is the guy’s personal page, Proof that engineers aren’t as dull as the general public makes us out to be. I submitted this one to the people @ Make since they haven’t posted anything about it yet, and this is definitely Make material. Check out the video to see the darn thing in action.

I recently found Banksy’s page. For everyone that doesn’t know anything, Bansky is probably the world’s best known (and probably most badass) graffiti artist. If his stuff looks familiar and you’ve ever been in a major city, you may have seen some of this dude’s work. Or you may have seen it on TV or in the media somewhere… just the other day a coworker was telling me about the guy. I wish I could be as much of a rebel as this guy…

Another interesting item I’ve seen today is Tom Jowen’s uber-cool Future Bicycle. I’m not sure if that’s the official name, but that is what I have christened it. It’s a bicycle intended for a full-size adult which folds down into a metal disk no taller than a grown man’s kneecaps. If you want to take a look at the crazy thing you’ll have to click around Tom’s site for it, the rest of his work is also unbelievably cool.

Last but not least, the SEC has temporarily suspended trading of 35 companies whose stock was promoted in pump and dump spamming schemes. Techdirt also put up a very good post about this. And in an uncharacteristic move which proves the SEC actually has a sense of humor, the sting has been dubbed “Operation Spamalot.” Makes me think of Dave Chappelle’s skit about the Internet… spambusters, beeatch!


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