Why America is Addicted to Oil

Because not using gasoline to power a car is illegal in some states! Earlier today I stumbled upon a Techdirt post which explains the ridiculous situation an Illinois couple have found themselves in.

Apparently, in the great state of Illinois, the Department of Revenue will make life very hard for you if you drive a bio-diesel powered car. The reason is that it is a felony to be a “special fuel receiver” without being appropriately licensed as such by the state. The licensing process, of course, is mysterious at best, even to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Techdirt reader Sanguine Dream put it quite succinctly:

If using alternate fuel sources is going to cost just as much money (but even more effort) then what motivation is there to use them? It’s less headache to just keep using that gas drinking SUV with its 15mpg engine.

Unfortunately, this type of mentality is exactly what makes the whole oil addiction strategy work.

P.S. (1 day later): I see more about this story as time goes on… the Make Magazine blog has added a post about the alleged fuel felon, Mr. David Wetzel. It also includes handy links to Make content which can teach you how to break the laws of the state of Illinois at your own home, using common household items and equipment.


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