The Newspile: 3/06/07

NASA has no money to track killer asteroids that could hit Earth. That sucks. Or as Hemos from Slashdot says,

…hey, it’s just the potential end of the world, so nothing much to worry about there.

But the truth is, NASA should really be spending its limited funding on getting America back to the moon before the Chinese get there! It’s important, the president said it!

No, clearly, I’m just kidding. Hopefully our next administration will loosen up its pockets so that we can once again feel safe from giant asteroids and the accompanying apocalypse.

Some guys at Princeton claim to have found a way to violate the universal speed limit (the speed of light!). All I can say is, I’m skeptical. I’ll write more about this if I hear anything else.

Some guy in England got a court to award him damages after a motorcycle accident left him with a strange desire to constantly play games on his mobile phone and to have sex every day. I never knew that you could sue people for that! If this gets out, it’s gonna cause a real mess for the U.S. legal system…

And last but not least, there is finally conclusive evidence that contrary to popular opinion, being in a hovering helicopter DOES NOT protect you from crazed angry moose attacks.


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