Apparently not even John Ashcroft is above using coercion to get his way…

From Techdirt’s “News You Should Have Heard Elsewhere” section comes a story about how John Ashcroft and the National Association of Broadcasters are making life hard for XM radio. The interesting thing is that according to the Wall Street Journal, so-called expert Ashcroft tried to offer his consulting services to XM and Sirius a few days after their merger was announced. I know this isn’t exactly blackmail, but… wait, isn’t this blackmail?

Actually, it’s worse. Sirius and XM haven’t done anything wrong. John Ashcroft is merely using his status and the fact that people listen to what he says to hurt a company that DIDN’T WANT TO HIRE HIM. Although it’s probably not illegal, it’s shady, and definitely childish… certainly not behavior I would have expected from a former attorney general.


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