The Death of Internet Radio???

A Slashdot post about the death of Internet radio has me worried. It seems like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the U.S. Copyright Royalty Office have conspired to somehow institute a per-play fee system which will probably put most Internet radio stations out of business…

It baffles me that the folks at the RIAA can think this is a good idea. They SUPPOSEDLY protect recording artists… wouldn’t it be in the artist’s best interest to use radio exposure to drive record sales? Truth is, the only group served by the RIAA is major record labels. The recording artist comes out on the losing end: their music will no longer receive exposure through Internet broadcasters, who will now have to shut their operations now and turn over what little revenue they generate for providing a public service.

So turns out, this is just another case of a private industry group conspiring with the U.S. government to strangle innovation. Hurray for the USA!

P.S. (1 day later): Techdirt has also added a post on the same story. Apparently, the new royalties for Internet broadcasters will apply RETROACTIVELY, effectively putting a large number of people out of business.


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