Use EWQL’s Symphonic Composer to tell your coworkers how you really feel about them…

CDM’s W. Brent Latta has written a terrific post about EWQL’s Symphonic Composer libraries and its amazing WordBuilder feature. Its not such a recent post, but still news to me. The picture above should give you a clue as to how specific the voice synthesis feature is. According to Latta,

The incoming note from your controller or sequencer will have a velocity value that will be passed into each segment in WordBuilder. However, we can change the velocity of each segment on the fly in WordBuilder, if we so desire. Even more useful is the ability to set transitions between segments and phrases. As noted in the documentation, “singing the word ‘alone’ might need to be noticeably different than singing the phrase ‘a loan’, even though the sounds of the letters are the same and the notes on the staff identical.” WordBuilder allows the user several ways to specify transitions between phrases, the most flexible being “Text Entry” mode, where entering symbols into the text field will specify the type of transition between segments. “had a lit-tle =lamb” would yield slurring on the first word, staccato on the next 3 words, and a normal transition on the final word.

I MUST have this! Can you imagine how much fun could be had at the office with a few custom-composed phrases?


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